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11 ways to increase your likes, comments, and shares on Facebook posts

11 ways to increase your likes, comments, and shares on Facebook posts

If you have a page on Facebook and you’re looking to increase your audience engagement then this is the article for you.  It’s pretty easy to get at least a few likes on Facebook, because of the number of users on it, you’re bound to engage with someone or the other.

increase your likes, comments, and shares on Facebook

  1. Casual content

“Be yourself” is the most common recommendation for this, but I rather say know your audience. You need to know your audience so that you can know how to appeal to them. It’s important to keep the content casual and not too formal if you really want them to engage with it.  Try posting questions which make them think.

  1. Strike a balance

When you are advertising or boosting a Facebook post try to maintain a balance between the content and the media that you use in it. Images can attract people but you need to have a good content to engage with them. Thus it’s important to strike a balance.

  1. Emphasis

Review your Facebook post before you could put it up. If you feel like there is a point that needs emphasis start off your content by adding that in first. To know what point would need an emphasis you need to know what would appeal to your audience more.  If it’s a shopping page and the price on a particular piece has dropped down, emphasize that.

  1. Use minimum characters

Based on survey content with less than 80 characters is the most preferred. So whatever you are trying to say make sure you keep it short and to the point. Remember, that you need to keep the audience in the loop till they finish seeing your post.

  1. Know when to post

You need to know when to put up your Facebook posts in order to get more engagement. People are highly active online at certain times and to know when Facebook provides you with a tool called Facebook insights. Just go to insights and click on posts, at the bottom you get a timeline where activity was seen as the highest.

  1. Learn through insights

Insights also have a tab called overview which lets you see the posts which have got the most likes or shares. This way you can see what worked with your audience and what didn’t.

  1. Know what to put in your images

It’s not enough if you just have attracting images, it should also make sense to your audience. Putting up an aesthetic image which does not relate to your page is pointless.  Try to relate to your audience through the images. If your page is something about traveling put up pictures of destinations and ask them which they like the most. If it’s a shopping website throw together products from your page itself and ask them to click or share for either outfit.

  1. Quizzes

Quizzes are exciting and engaging and practically work for all kinds of pages. When you get your audience to take a quiz, it keeps them locked on to your page. Quizzes such as what fashion trend suits you? Or which is your dream destination? These can be related to your page as well as to the person viewing your page.

  1. Hashtags

In this day and age, these are searching tools. Posting content with essential hashtags is important. This is because if someone decides to share your post then your hashtags could become popular and also trend.  Hashtag anything you feel that people would go online and search for.

  1. Ask questions

One of the easiest ways to get your audience to interact with you is by doing this. By doing this firstly you’ll get them to stop and read the question and secondly you’ll get them to respond to the question as well. It can be a question for feedback or just asking them to choose something or give in the preferences.

  1. Notes

Facebook “Notes” is an interesting tool for marketing, this basically lets you condense long content yet keeping it interesting.  You can create a note and link it to your blog post or you can even upload a cover picture, with a text post it.

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