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Affiliate Marketing – What is it?

It is the most familiar and recurrent form of marking you comes across now a days. Your obsession to socialize through web has outgrown its feasibility in current era. Through affiliate marketing you not only bring retail traders close to their affiliates but also improve communication among them. In a most simplified way to explain affiliate marketing is to find a way to sell a company’s products through affiliates who are hired to do so for commission.


William J. Tobin came up with a concept of affiliate marketing 1989 almost four years after the World Wide Web originated in 1994. It was his vision that the internet was conceived by affiliate marketing. Tobin paid commission on sales to The Prodigy Network, which was half owned by IBM. It was not long for companies like Fingerhut and Federated Department Stores joined forces with Tobin’s company PC flowers and Gifts in July, 1998 to become a part of affiliate marketing. Cybererotic with cost per click program and CDNOW with BuyWeb program also emerged in early rising of affiliate marketing. CDNOW in collaboration with Geffen record came up with an idea of remote purchasing in November, 1994. Soon Amazon joined the race later been granted a patent on components of an affiliate program by February, 2000.

From flowers to gifts, music record to artists, books and software, you name it you got it. Elevated demands of customers and buyers have led to the versatility of this kind of marketing. Companies are having a wonderful time selling their ideas with numerous preexisting platforms to choose from.


  1. Focusing on selling: you focus more on selling than giving the details of the products or services. First and foremost it is import for you to tell the customers the reason to buy or exercise a certain service.
  2. Too much to do: burdening yourself with too much work to finish on time. This might also lead to a clumsy content.
  3. Put yourself in customer’s shoes: decide your target audience and properly guide them to their much needed product or services. Have their trust.
  4. Keep a track: keep a track of what, where and for whom you did work for. Don’t work blindly to get quality affiliate marketing
  5. Comparing: better comparison of products and sites will bring you profit and satisfaction.
  6. Don’t make false claims: be genuine about the product and service false claims lead to bad publicity.
  7. Be focused: all that shines is not gold. Always be conscious and logical about every decision you make.

Videos are effortless, you click you see and you remember better, it’s a best medium for affiliate marketing. Today it is effortless to make videos but challenging to edit those videos. Video Maker FX Prothemes can create great video in less time. In hope to create your own personal movie collection, a video blog or tutorial to have some extra cash. This software helps you to create something special that your cameras fail to achieve. Behind great videos is superb software for editing.

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