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Common Types of Social Media That Rule the Internet

When you think about types of social media, you most likely think about social networks such as Facebook, social news such as Reddit, or blogs such as Huffington Post. Nevertheless, there are at least six types of social media-including those you most probably use-that basically play a central role over the Internet.

Probably the types of social media that is most likely to influence your life at the present time comes in the form of social networks. These networks allow you to connect with people all over the world, some of which are people you have already met in ‘’real life”, and others who are complete strangers but you might get the feeling you know them after chatting with them a few times. While, in theory, social networks connect people who are similar in interests, in reality they connect people of all sorts, resembling in many ways how people meet in real life. As you might have already guessed, Facebook is the most popular social network, which has around 1.35 billion monthly active users.

Bookmarking sites are another types of social media and they offer you the possibility to organize links and save them to any number of websites and similar online resources. One of the main reasons that make bookmarking sites so popular is that the services embedded in them allow the ability for the user to “tag” links, which in turn makes links easier to search and be shared with followers. One of the most popular bookmarking site is StumbleUpon.

As mentioned earlier, another type of social media are social news, which allow you to post different types of items, such as news links, to outside articles. If you post items on social news, other users can then vote on your items and you have the chance to have your item prominently displayed as the result of accumulating many votes. As you might already know, the most popular social news site is Reddit.

Media Sharing is another types of social media which allows you to share a variety of media formats, such as music, pictures, and videos. Many of these websites also offer the ability to create profiles or to comment on the media that others have updated. Have you already guessed what’s the most popular media sharing from the entire galaxy? Well, it’s Youtube!

While you might be less familiar with this term, microblogging actually exist, and it’s another type of social media. These sites are similar to blogs, but they are “tinny”, for which they only allow submission of short written entries, as well as many types of links. The most popular microblogging is Twitter.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning blogs and forums as yet another types of social media. These sites allow you to participate in conversations on a never-ending variety of topics by posting and responding to community messages. The only important difference between blogs and forums is that blogs contain entries that are more concentrated on given topics. There are many popular blogs, and one of them is a blogging site own by Google, called Blogger. One of the most popular forums, on the other hand, is Gaia’s Online.

Whether you use all, some, or none of the types of social media sites previously mentioned, it can’t be denied that social media influences our lives-including yours. Social media are used for economic, social, and political purposes. Individuals and organizations use social media to promote themselves and to change attitudes and behaviors. What TV meant for those who lived in the 50’s and the 60’s is exactly what social media means nowadays for “users”. It is to be seen how whether a new innovation will manage to challenge the privileged position that social media occupies in our lives in the near future.

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