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Content Marketing Strategy Guide for 2016

Content Marketing Strategy Guide

You cannot afford to let 2016 end without developing a content marketing plan for your business! Keyword searches show that one of the top keywords being googled for marketing solutions in 2016 is content marketing strategy guide for 2016.

It makes sense that scores of online businesses are looking for ways to improve their marketing strategies. The digital world is ruthless to those not tech savvy. This article summaries in a nutshell the major topics that are dealt with in any content marketing strategy guide for 2016 that you may come across.

Create Quality, Shareable content

Marketing whether in the ‘real’ world or in the virtual world is no easy feat; it takes grit and it takes money. It also requires the ability to create content that has value and that can be shared easily by your customers. The key here, is quality content.

Hundreds of businesses online are prepared to spend thousands of dollars a year creating quality content. They know just how fierce and tough the online business world can be. If you want to stand out you need to simply be at the top of your game. Your content whether it’s podcasts, videos, articles, blog posts or whatever else should be worthwhile to your audience.

Learn how to evaluate your content’s ROI using analytics

When you read any content marketing strategy guide, one of the chief issues they may discuss is the need to use analytics on your websites to help you track what is happening to your business. This should be integrated into your marketing plan. You should have a monthly sit down where you analyze what is happening with the content you put up online. The statistics you get of course are priceless because they can tell you where you need to improve and what your customer base is truly after.

Plan Your Outreach and Marketing

Are you going to use paid ads? What other platforms are you going to use to promote your business and or your products? Are you simply going to rely on recommendations from friends and family? There comes a time when you have to grow your business beyond your current circle of people. To do this you will need to take some time out to plan your marketing strategy. You have to set aside a budget.

Another great way to maximize your marketing efforts is to find other bloggers or people in your niche area that you can collaborate with. Guest blogging and posting can result in you reaching an audience you might never otherwise had access to.

You might even consider looking at integrated content distribution paid campaigns. These can also serve to bolster your business and make your presence even more solid online. In the end, you must go back once again to the analytics page and see if you are getting a good rate of return on all your efforts. If not it might be time to re-strategize.

These three points and more are just some of the things you will learn as you study any of the popular content marketing guides available online.

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