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Enhance your business with SMO

Some people refer SMO as the Social Media Optimization while other refers as search marketing optimization. To bring organic results your website, it is one of the best assets. By establishing a connection with various online platforms, you and your business can come in reach of more and more people. This brings opportunities to grow your business.

  • Goal of Social media optimization

The social media optimization brings the combination of branded network, which have the potential to convert the visitors to the potential customer. The SMO is similar to the search engine media optimization. The main objective of the social media optimization is to move the huge amount of crowd to the specific site. It has the techniques which can determine the success of the website and follows the strategy which encourage traffic to the website. It is the online tool and the platform which can be used to share opinion, perspective and insights. Most of the popular forms of social media promotion are blogs, vlogs (Video Blogs), wikis, and podcasts.

  • Tools of SMO

The social media optimization is the subpart of search engine optimization. The SMO optimize your website with the help of blog site, podcasts, social media sites, online communities and message boards. They also use another form of promotion by RSS feed, social bookmarking, video sharing and social news buttons. SMO includes the strategies in which no money is paid to the search engine advertisement. Tools like below can help in doing the social media optimization. Learn about each of them.

Instascope – Social Media Strategy
Liveleap – Online Video Marketing
Social Interest FreakFacebook Audience Targeting

  • Categories of SMO

The SMO is close related to the search engine marketing. The prime focus of SMO is to drive traffic to your site from different sources, not only from the search engine. The most important benefit of the SMO is to that it improves the ranking of your page. There are basically two categories of SMO method.

  • In the first category, the social media features are added to the content via RSS feed, sharing buttons and social news.
  • Doing the promotional activity on social media like commenting on others blog, posting a status on the social networking sites, blogging and taking part in discussion groups.
  • Techniques of SMO
  • Links for website

The measurement of the popularity is done by determining the quantity and quality of links your website have. In other words, you can say that the number of votes that a candidate gets in the election and by that candidate popularity is judged.

  • Inbound linking

To gain popularity for your site, you need create inbound linking. This brings great increment in the page ranking. You need to create links with different sites and blogs, which will lead back to your site and eventually, brings increment in your online presence.

  • Tagging and bookmarking

The tagging and bookmarking are done by adding buttons such as add to social network site and other bookmarking sites. You can also add some popular bookmarking sites button to the home page.

  • Use your content on another platform

Make changes in your website, so that your content can be used on different places. You can do this by including PDF, audio and video files which make your content to be submitted to the list of members and the sites which are related to your market.

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