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Facebook Custom Audience and Lookalike Audience

Facebook Custom Audience and Lookalike Audience

Marketing tools on Facebook are endless. Not many people know about these tools and how to use them though. If you run a page on Facebook, the first thing you need to do is reach out to your audience. With the tools on Facebook it’s simple but you need to know where and how to start.

Here we are going to talk about Facebook custom audience and lookalike audience which go hand in hand. While creating Facebook advertisement through Adverts Manager or Power Editor, either you can choose one of your saved targeted audiences as I had mentioned in one of my other article “How to Target Audience on Facebook”. Or you can choose the combination of one or more custom and lookalike audiences. Now let us understand what custom audience and lookalike audience are and how can you create those to take benefit in your advertisement.

What is Custom Audience and Lookalike Audience?

As the name says custom audience, it exactly means the same. That means you can have your custom audience from your existing customer database or from MailChimp subscriber list, Website Traffic, App Activity or Engagement of Facebook.

facebook custom audience and lookalike audience

In a similar way, lookalike audience is the set of audience similar to your existing custom audience or your page audience.

The first option lets you create a customer file. You can manually copy paste your customer details, be it email addresses, phone numbers etc. Or you can import the audience details from your email auto-responder Mailchimp (Mailchimp Setup Guide). This only works if you have created a pixel and added to your webpage before, this would have tracked your audience and stored the details.

To create a pixel for this task: Go to ads manager Tools Pixel.

  • Choose the option create pixel after this.
  • Once that’s done you can click on the option which says ‘install pixels’. This gives you a base code that you can copy.
  • You copy the base code and paste it in the URL of your webpage, preferably between after the <head> of your page.
  • Thus your audience would now be tracked; if you need to track a particular activity then you’d have to paste the standard code for that activity as well.

This is how you create a custom audience. There’s a new feature that lets you combine lookalike audience with the custom audience option called custom combinations.

How to Create Custom Audience and Lookalike Audience?

What’s a lookalike audience?

This is a tool that Facebook offers so that you can get a better quality of audience. It analyzes the kind of audience that you have customized to visit your page or the audience that your page attracts and in turn gives you an audience with the same interests.

How to create a lookalike audience?

Once you go to ads manager, click on the tools option and choose ‘audience.’

  • Next click on the create audience option and choose ‘lookalike audience.’

This gives you a dialogue box which asks you to enter a source first.  This source can be the name of your page, a custom audience that you’ve named and saved before or the name of the conversion pixel that you’ve created before.

  • You have to choose a country from where you’d like to get your lookalike audience from.
  • Right below that is the optimization scale. Where, by moving the slider to the left and right you can either choose to have a similar kind of audience or a better reach. You can also see the number of people that would essentially be your audience as you move the slider.
  • Once you’re sure about your optimization you click on create an audience and then… wait. It takes about 6 hours to a day. So, you’d have to wait for it to be done; patience is a virtue my friend.
  • After you’re done with this, you can choose the ‘Lookalike audience’ when you create an ad.

What does this do for you?

When you create a specific audience based on the interests you list out, there’s a lot of other people other who might be attracted to your page but don’t have the same reasons. Choosing a lookalike audience hence helps you get them all. Also, it should be noted that you can create a lookalike audience for various countries one at a time. But to do this Facebook would first check the number of people that you already have on your page, if the number is high enough only then can you create a lookalike audience.

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