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What is Facebook’s Offline Events and How to Use it

What is Facebook’s offline events

Facebook has a great way of tracking the conversions that take place on your page. Once you create a pixel for your advertisement, this is an easy job. But this only works for the conversions that take place online, what about the ones that take place offline as well. How do you keep a track of those conversions and decide if your campaign has been successful or not. That’s why Facebook has a feature called offline events.

What does Offline events do?

It essentially lets you upload customer data from your website or app, whatever it maybe. After which Facebook tries to map or match the given information with its own database. So technically it tries to match your customer information with the people it showed your ad to. When it maps this out you’d know whether your campaign worked or not. I don’t have a website or anything but this is pretty cool.

How to create an offline event?

First thing that you got to do is go to Business manager and under assets you will find “Offline events.”

  • Once you click on this your next job is to create and offline event for the ad the advert account that you want.
  • Do click on the create offline event button, choose the advert account you want to create it for and give it a name. You can choose multiple accounts as well if you have more than one.
  • Next you get an option to upload offline event. But not so soon, Facebook has no such data about your customers or audience to help you with this. So the first thing that it would ask you to do is upload a CSV or text file, with your customer data.It’s the same thing that you’d do when you need to create a custom audience. You can either upload it or copy paste the data. Now, there’s something known as ‘Identifiers.’ These are basically little tabs with representing specific categories. It’s used to match the categories that you list you data under on Facebook.

    You don’t have to have all the columns on your data file, but if you want a better chance of getting a match you can have a higher number of columns.

  • Once you upload it, next step is mapping. Facebook tries to create a match for the audience on your file and Facebook users. You can edit any detail; Facebook also shows you if a particular customer’s data doesn’t have a match. This you can then rectify. After this it asks to upload file and create event and you’re all done.

How is it useful?

It definitely is a useful tool for people with websites and apps so that they can track their customers that the campaigns on Facebook bring to them.  What it does is target your faithful customers and make sure that it forms a stronger base with these available customers on Facebook and off it.

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