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How to Get More Facebook Post Engagement

Let us talk about getting more Facebook post engagement

We’ve already established that Facebook is an amazing platform to advertise. With the reach you can get everyone’s posting, liking and sharing at all times. This definitely increases the competition. Thus its necessary to know what you can do to get more engagement on your Facebook page.

Here are a few suggestions on that:

  • Posts that Audience want, not what you want: It’s natural to post things that you think have relevance. But since it’s a public platform you need to remember that you are talking to an audience. And you have to give their likes and interests importance. Try to be a bit more flexible and post things that go above what your page stands for. For an example, if it’s a page about beauty products that you’re selling.more Facebook post engagement
    Then it’s natural that people who want to buy them at that point, will engage with your page but what about the rest? The smart thing would be to share something else related to beauty products and in the interest of people. Like share health tips for the skin, a few home remedies, etc. this would increase the quantity and quality of your audience. This would get you a better engagement on your Facebook.
  • The kind of pictures also matters: Most of the time when we go to various marketed pages on Facebook, we see generic images. If it is something to do with the food we’d see a picture of a rather appetizing burger or something.more facebook post engagement
    But at times people prefer more real images than generic ones. Add a little personality to your page. Take your camera and you do the clicking. Your user will for sure return those clicks back to you. Sometimes putting yourself or the people who work with you will help you too.
  • Balance your content: Balancing is a skill required in all fields. Even posting on Facebook requires this. Who would have thought right? So here’s what I mean; share a good variety of posts. Don’t share only writing posts or just pictures. You can go around experimenting and see which posts get a better engagement, through the Insights tool on Facebook.more Facebook post engagement
    This will help you appeal to your audience in a better way. With this what you could do is, put together two types of formats. If you have a new post on your website, share the link with a picture which is appropriate for your page content.
  • Know when to post: According to research people are most active on Facebook from 10 am. But in case you want to be sure about the time during which your page gets the most engagement, then you could use the Facebook Insight tool of your page. They help in giving you an idea of the audience you have got so far and their engagement behavior.more Facebook post engagement
  • The Number of character: Research shows that for posts with a maximum of 50 characters only get the number likes. If it’s a long post maybe what you could do is just share an extract of what the post contains. This would also create a curiosity in your audience; it’ll also probably push them to read further.
  • Posts that appeal to the masses: Now most people think this wouldn’t work, but I think it appeals to a lot of people worldwide. All you have to do is share posts on ongoing issues or events. But again the posts related to the content of your page should be more in number. Don’t let the audience forget the main cause or content of your page. If there’s a festival or a mass movement happening in the world or your country, share a posts or picture related to it. A picture would be more effective. Appealing to the masses is obviously going to work in terms of more Facebook post engagement.
  • Call out actions in posts: As we know it, the call out actions such as “sign up” or “learn more”, are always engaging a greater number of audiences. So make sure you do include a call out action in your ads.This is a smart way to rather “talk” to your audience you could say. When you post something you could say “click” if you agree, or even “share” if you think this is true. It works in a way that people stop scrolling to read and actually follow your directions. Obviously, it’s going to give you a better way of connecting with your audience.
  • List it out: First of all, to do this you’d have to come up with posts that list a number of things. Like “top 10 of the best…” or whatever. As these will come in points, people find it easier to read and finish. That’s one advantage. It also helps them save time and get information real quick.
    • Point out to specifics: Once you have listed it out under a category. When you post it, name a specific point that you agree with or like the most. Like if it’s a top 10 destination post say “No.5 Greece.” Maybe even add an emoticon or two. This would encourage people to do the same and they’ll probably start commenting in response.
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