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Get the Unique Visitors with Quality Search Engine Optimization

The search engine optimization is technique and the methodology, which are used to increase the amount of visitors on your site. These visitors are increased by attaining high ranks on the search engine. It is essential because most of the user have the habit to click and view the pages which are present on the first page of search engine. In order to obtain traffic one must look on the strategies that bring pages on the first page of the search engine. This is achieved by the page rank. The more page rank means more chances of visitors.

Types of SEO

The SEO implements the strategy which makes your site accessible to the search engine. The SEO has two types, the white hat and the black hat.

  • The white hat

The white hat search engine optimization mainly targets the human audience. The plans and techniques are designed in taking consideration of search engine rules and policies. The white hat SEO is the best practice among the webmaster which has the capacity to provide quality crowd to your site. It is totally opposite to the black hat. It improves the search performance on the search engine. The services of white hats are to offer quality content and services, keyword rich Meta tags and make your website easy to navigate.

  • Importance of white hat SEO

It’s important for your site because most of the search engine look for authentic SEO pages and this type of SEO is purely authentic. If you don’t involve white hat then it may be possible that search engine may block your site. The search engines are traveled millions of people every day, and if your website gets expelled by the search engine, then it can bring the drastic change in the crowd of your website. This search engine puts the ban for the life time, and you won’t get second chance to re- enter in the list of the search engine. Check out all the points that can lead your page to these kinds of problems. The web master believes to in using white hat search engine optimization, to create the ethical and sustainable website.

  • Black Hat SEO

The black hat SEO is the type of SEO which increase the page rank of the site but violates terms of search engine. This practice is not the ethical way to increase page rank, which can make your page banned by the search engine. There are various reasons that give you the reason to report for black hat SEO. When you website is attacked by the malicious hack, virus or by spammy links, then you report for black hat SEO. There are different tactics and techniques of black hat SEO.

  • Tactics of black hat SEO
  • Doorway pages
  • Keyword stuffing
  • Sneaky redirects
  • Hidden links
  • Content automation
  • Reporting competitors
  • Cloaking
  • Techniques of black hat SEO
  • Link schemes
  • Link manipulation
  • Snippet markup spam
  • Pages with malicious content
  • Spinning of articles
  • Link farms
  • Automated queries to the search engine
  • Link network
  • Creating pages and sub-domain
  • Link wheels
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