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How To Add Facebook Pixel To Website

Steps for How To Add Facebook Pixel

Facebook tools are an innovative tool for marketing your website and increasing traffic. This is especially useful if you are an online storeowner to convert visitors into buyers. The Facebook Power Editor and pixel tool have received a big update this year to make it more interactive and informative.

Step 1: Install the new pixel if you have not already. The old version will be defunct by the end of the year. The pixel tool can be accessed through the Facebook’s Power Editor Platform. Click on ‘Tools’ tab and the select the ‘Pixel’ option.

Step 2: You will then be able to get a tab that says to ‘Create a Pixel’. Select that option and give it an appropriate name. If your site is being developed by a third person, you can email the pixel to him/her. Or else, you can choose to install the pixel at that moment.

Step 3: A new window will open which will have the base pixel code on it. Make sure to copy and paste this code onto every page of your website in between the and tags.

Step 4: Click ‘Next’ after installing the HTML code and then click ‘Done’. You will be redirected to the Facebook Pixel Page.

Step 5: On a separate page, open the ‘Audience’ tab in the Power Editor. Create your customized audience over here or else choose one if you have made it already. This will take you to another page where you have to fill in the details of your audience. You can also see your Pixel ID on this page.

Step 6: Add this pixel ID to the pixel code you had placed in the HTML of your website.

Step 7: Check if the pixels status is active on the dashboard.

Step 8: You will next have to add the conversion code to the base code. Choose the conversions carefully according to exactly which traffic you are trying to focus on. You can track 9 types of events for conversion. The options will be available on a table online. You can choose to narrow the conversion tracking options even more with the parameters. Add the code you generate here to your website in the same way that you added the previous pixel code.

Step 9: The Pixel is now in place on your website! You can use this tool in many ways to improve your business. The three main ways in which it is used are as follows:

You can remarket your site to a previous audience. This can be done by targeting people with abandoned carts. These people had visited your site and added products to their shopping cart but exited without purchasing. They are probably an audience who already like your products but had not purchased due to some circumstantial issues.

You can optimize your ads in order to increase conversions. You can change your visitors into buyers using this tool.
You can track the audience that visit your website through the ads. This will enable you to better improve and understand your audience.

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