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How To Become An Expert At SEO

Do you want your website to come up in the first page of Google search results? Are you worried that you are not getting enough traffic to your website to monetize it? Then these easy SEO tips and tricks might help you increase the traffic on your website. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the use of keywords, links and content to drive organic traffic to a website by making it more visible to search engines.

  • Write Great Content. Content is king when it comes to SEO Optimization. Search engines rate content that is informative and unique higher in their search rankings. Google tends to heavily penalize plagiarised and spam content. Great content is the most important and basic of SEO tips and tricks.
  • Use Better Keywords. Using the correct keywords that are relevant to your content can make it easier for search engines to find you. But, be sure to not overuse the keywords more than 3-4 times on the same post. For example, if have a blog about cooking, you can use a keyword like Vegan Recipe 3 times in a post along with a recipe and pictures to drive people who are interested in cooking to your website.
  • Title and Headings. Using your keyword in the title and headings of the page can give you a jump start on your SEO. Use the main heading under the H1 tag and subheadings under the H2, H3 tags and so on. For Example, for a travel website, the H1 tag will be Reasons to Visit Morocco. The H2 tag will be How to Get There and the H3 would be Where to Stay.
  • Cater to Other Search Engines. Although most SEO tips and tricks are targeted towards Google, there are several other search engines like Yahoo and Bing which are equally good. No two search engines use the same method to get search results. You can gain a whole new following of visitors by modifying your content to make it more visible to other search engines.
  • Improve Accessibility. If your website is easier and faster to open, it will be ranked higher than others in search engines. Since more and more people are accessing the internet from their phones and tablets nowadays, make sure that your site is easy to view there.
  • Use Images and Videos. You can improve your search results by using relevant images in your website. Browsers find it easier to look at images rather than read lengthy texts. Also, be sure to name the images with the related keywords so that it shows up in the images tab. For example, for a Fashion Retail Website, you should name the products with a little description. Before uploading a picture of a dress, change the name from DSC00012.jpg to Red Party Dress so that it comes up when someone searches for red dresses. Some more SEO tips and tricks are to upload videos on sites like Youtube for higher traffic.


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