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How to create a Facebook page?

How to create a Facebook page?

Whether you’re looking at Facebook as an aid when it comes to marketing or not, it’s still a good idea to create a page.  It’s important to be up to date on your social media knowledge, whether you own a business or anything else. And having a page on Facebook can help you with this.

How to create facebook page

Why is a page different from a personal account?

For starters, you have to choose the right page for the cause or product that you are promoting. Thus you can say that each page is customized according to the needs of the user.

How to create a page?

Click on the drop down button next to your account name. Choose the ‘create page’ option. This gives you a panel of choices, asking you to choose the kind of page that you would want.  That first is:

Local business or place- If you have started a venture aimed only around your locality then this would ideally be the option for you. You can choose the appropriate category under which you can place your venture.

Company, organization or institution- This is for those businesses that are not aimed only at a particular locality. Audiences for these kinds of systems can be found everywhere. They form a higher category of businesses, such as agriculture, chemical organizations etc.

Brand or product- As the name suggests this for commodities alone. You can choose the kind of product you would be endorsing.

Artist, Band or Public Figure- Pages can be made for individuals as well. These are for individuals who are famous public figures. For this, you’d have to choose the profession of individuals under a category.

Entertainment- This is basically like a fan club of sorts where you can create a page for a book, movie or TV show etc.

After this we have,

Cause and community- This don’t have any list of categories that you’d have to choose from, all you have to do is enter the name of your cause. For the pages before as well, you’ll have to fill in a name for your page before proceeding.  Once you are done with this all you have to do is click on the ‘get started,’ option and your page will be created.

Now once your page is created the rest is up to you. The first few things that Facebook asks you to do is upload a profile picture, a cover picture, create a username. You could do all of this to make your page look more welcoming.

One thing you could do is change the template of your page. There are 7 templates available for you. They are Business, standard, shopping, venues, politicians, professional services, and restaurants and café.  You can have a preview of the templates and choose the one that is appropriate. For example, if it’s something to do with products and services, you’d want a template that would urge the user to take action, hence you’d need to have tabs or buttons providing options as a part of your template.

Other things you could do are, include contact details and information so that people know how to directly contact you. Fill in details such as the timing during which you’ll are active or open.  Once you create a Facebook page you’re free to do whatever it is that you want, that could be advertising, creating and targeting audiences, build the page as per your requirement, etc.

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