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twitter for business

How To Create Twitter Account For Business

Twitter Account For Business

Twitter is one of the best social networking mediums to gain a large number of potential customers in a short amount of time. You can use it to convert browsers into buyers or even simply increase your brand awareness. Twitter has recently introduced Twitter for business through which you can reach many more people than usual through sponsored tweets. Here is how you can create a twitter account and grow your business.

Create a Twitter Account: The first step is to log on to twitter and create a free twitter account. Enter your name, password, and company email ID in order to create an account. Choose a username, which is an abbreviation or the full name of your business. You can fill your personal name and email ID if you want and easily change it to the company name later also. Choose a password that is a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols and is impersonal enough to share with co-workers or your social media team. You will get an email to confirm your account. Do this before moving on to the next step.

Add Profile Information: Once you log in to your new account after confirming, you can edit any details that you have filled before. Below the header, you will see the option to ‘Edit Profile’. Click on that to personalize your profile and add a profile picture and header image. Your profile picture should be legible in a small size so using your company logo is usually a good idea. The header image can be custom made and is a larger space where you can put in your products or offers. Add your business details in your Bio making it short but fun to read. You can also choose the colors of the page through ’Theme Colors’ to match your website or logo colors.

Add your friends: Before you start tweeting, make sure that you have someone to read it. Add your business and social media contacts through the interactive tool by twitter. You can link your email and Facebook account to add the people you know. You can also follow some famous personalities that are an inspiration or related to your business. Based on the people you follow, you will see the option to follow other similar profiles.

Tweet: Your account is all set up now! Create an interesting message to announce yourself on twitter within 140 characters. Make sure that you add relevant hashtags and use keywords that are SEO optimized. This will help you gain a wider following. Click on “Tweet” to go live on twitter!

Connect and Promote: The next step is to popularize your account. Keep tweeting regularly in order to reach more people every day and keep your audience engaged. You should also follow and comment on other people on twitter in order to get more followers. Share your twitter account on your social media and even link it if you want! You can even use the paid advertising feature to promote a particular tweet or your account in general. You can also take benefit of this proven tool Follower Grabber to grab follower and engage them with your tweet and business.

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