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How to Find Facebook Page Engagement Details

How to Find Facebook Page Engagement?

For a facebook page owner, it becomes very much necessity to understand the page and post engagement details so that he can plan activities accordingly like what type of contents are getting more engagement, what time the audience is more engaged, etc.

You can see these page and post engagement details under facebook insight.

How does Facebook Insight help

Facebook along with providing you a platform to advertise, generate an audience, reach out etc. also helps you evaluate your page on Facebook. It’s a simple tool that helps you see the kind of attention your page is getting over a particular period of time. It’s called Insight and as the name suggests it gives you an insight of your page and post engagement.

Where do you find it?

Just go to your page on Facebook and on the top, below the search box you’ll find ‘Insights.’

Facebook Page and Post Engagement

So once you click on this you get what is called an overview. This overview gives you the kind of activity your page has seen in the past 7 days. There are six categories that fall under this:

  1. Actions on page
  2. Page views
  3. Page likes
  4. Reach
  5. Post engagement
  6. Video

What’s it all about?

Actions on page-You can see all the activities that have been taken on your page. From comments, likes, actions. If anyone has pressed either of the action buttons you can see this. That is if they wanted to ‘learn more’ or clicked on the phone number provided. You can also view these statistics under categories such as age, gender, country, device, and city.

Page views– as it suggests this gives you the number of views your page has got again over the past 7days. You can view this also under the categories listed.

Page likes– It gives you the told number of likes you have got till date. It also shows you the likes under various categories on a chart. So what you can see is the organic likes you’ve got. That is the likes that your page has generated and that you haven’t paid for, the paid likes and the net likes. You can also is the number of unlike that your page has got.

Reach– This is according to the posts that your page has. So you can see the total reach that your page has managed to get in terms of organic and paid views. This also lets you understand the number of likes, comments and shares the post has got. But what’s interesting is, along with that you get to see the number of people who have reported it as spam or chosen to hide posts, and unlike the page. With the new reactions tool on Facebook, you can also see the number of specific reactions you’ve got.

Post engagement– It’s the same as mentioned above. You get to see which post has got the maximum likes, comments or shares. This will also show you the organic and paid for audience.

Video– This shows the number of videos you have posted. Categorizing them under the number of seconds, and then showing you the number of views you have got for each of them. It also gives you the top videos.

With all of this, you can choose to see the organic views you’ve got and the paid views as well. The insights tool is extremely helpful as it gives you a clear picture of where your page stands. You don’t get to see only the positives but the negatives as well. It gives you the right statistics and this will help you evaluate your page and even try to do some damage control if necessary

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