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How to find Facebook Page ID or Profile ID?

Why do you need Facebook Profile or Page ID?

Facebook profile or page id are required in most of the places these days, like setting up Facebook like counter on the website, Facebook widget to display Facebook page update on the website, etc. In WordPress based website there could be some plugin which asks for a Facebook page id to integrate a specific Facebook action.

Well, for now, this means that your Facebook profile or page information is required in many places, thus it makes necessary for you to sync in and display your Facebook information like a post, sharing, likes, and comments outside of Facebook.

How to find your Facebook Profile ID?

Now log in to your profile page that you desire to find out the ID for.  Press the Ctrl and ‘U’ button together, this opens the view source page and you get a page full of coding. Now you patient enough to search for ‘profile_id=’ in that entire coding sheet. Or on the easiest way, simply press Ctrl and F to find this ‘profile_id’ string from entire code.


How to find Facebook Page ID?

The way to do this is by going to the page that you are an admin for. On the left-hand side you will find an option saying ‘About.’ click on it and one of the information provided will be as Page ID, which will be given at the bottom of the listing. Note that it’s always a string of numbers.

How to find Facebook Page ID

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