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How To Setup Aweber Autoresponder Account

Sending emails to each of your subscribers automatically is not just impractical but almost impossible to do once you have a decent number of subscribers. Aweber is one of the ways through which you can send emails to your list without even having to lift a finger. The process of setting up an autoresponder might seem daunting to a newcomer but is actually pretty easy if you follow the steps in a systematic manner. Here are some directions on how to setup Aweber Autoresponder service for your blog, website or newsletter.

Step One: The most obvious first step would be to create an Aweber account if you do not have one already just register for one month FREE account in Aweber. You will see the option to create an email list through Manage Lists menu as shown in below image. To test this newly created email list you probably can send out a test email. You should also send a test broadcast email to make sure that you know how to broadcast an email. Once you have the basics covered, log on to your account and begin the process of setting up the Autoresponder.

email marketing tool

Step Two: Once the email list is created, the next thing would be to send out emails on scheduled sequences however you choose. To do that you will come across a screen, which has the details of your account once you log in. Select the messages tab on that screen and then click on the option that says ‘Legacy Follow Up Series’.

aweber email follow up

Step Three: This will take you to another page where you will see an option to create a message. Click on the option that says ‘Drag and Drop Email Builder’. This feature is the one most used for creating the email because of its ease of use and functions.

aweber create message

Step Four: This option will take you to a page where you will be able to create an email that you want to send on the Autoresponder. Design your email over here and then click next. More features become available once you start sending emails on a more regular basis using Autoresponder.

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Step Five: Choose the option to Save and Exit. This takes you to a page that shows the message you have just created and the time it is supposed to be sent. ‘Send immediately’ can be seen as the selected option. If you have created a welcome message as your first mail as most people do. The mail will be sent immediately to people who are added to that email list.

Step Six: Repeat steps 2 to 4 to create a new email and see the other features of the Autoresponder function. You will be able to see more options on the screen once you click next after designing your email. The ‘Interval’ setting will let you choose the number of days you want the second email to be sent after the first one. This is set to 999 automatically but you can change it to any number that you want. You will also get the option to select which dates and times you do not want the emails to be sent. For example, you can select a particular mail to be sent only on Thursdays. Or, you can select to send a newsletter between 7-10am so that it is the first one people open when they start work. Click on Save and Exit and you are all done with the Autoresponder setup!

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