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How To Setup Facebook For Business

Facebook can be a powerful tool to increase the social media outreach for your business. If you do decide to create a business page on Facebook, you have to create a personal account by logging into Facebook before you get started. Opening an account is an easy process and you will need only a few personal details and a valid email ID. After this, you can log in and start creating your business account.

Create Page: When you log in to your account, you will see a tab called ‘More’ on your page. Click on that and you will be able to see the option to ‘Create Page’ under the Pages section. You will then be redirected to a page where you can select a name and category for your business account. Enter your business name and carefully select the appropriate category of business. You have a wide variety of options ranging from Books & Magazines to Local Businesses. After you do this, click on the button labeled ‘Get Started’.


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Choose A Cover Photo and Profile Picture: Your profile picture and the cover picture is the face of the page. It is the first thing that people who visit your page see and most decide whether to like it or not on the basis of it. Since, a profile picture is smaller, it is suggested that you use your business logo as your profile picture and your advertised products or any other eye-catching image as your cover photo.


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Fill Your Business Information: You will then be asked to fill in the ‘About’ Section which will contain important details about your business. This depends on the basis of the category you have selected. You can reach this section for clicking on the tab that says ‘Edit Page’ and ‘Update Info’. You can write a few lines describing your business and add your contact information.

Check Your Settings: After filling out the necessary information, you can manage your settings by choosing the ‘Edit Page’ option and then selecting ‘Manage Permissions’. You can select your privacy settings at this point. You can select how you would like your clients to contact you and who all you wish to be able to post on your page.

Share Something: The next step would be to share something about your business. This can be in the form of a picture of your business or product or as a status update or a link. Before people start to like your page, there must be some information for viewers to see.

Invite People To Like Your Page: Your business account is now ready to go live! Invite your personal contacts and send emails to your email contacts asking them to like your page. You can also share your page link on social media accounts like Twitter and Instagram.

Market Your Page: The key to a successful business page is to market your page properly. You should be active on your page and post updates and replies to inquiries frequently. You can also select the option to promote your page through paid Facebook advertising.

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