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How To Setup MAILCHIMP Autoresponder Account

Mailchimp is an important tool used by many businesses to organize and send emails to your mailing list. You can send automated emails to your subscribers using the software through their Autoresponder services. In order to setup the MailChimp Autoresponder account, you need to have a paid account. The automation option does not appear on the free account. Here are the step by step instructions on how to setup this feature.

Step One: You will see a tab for ‘Automation’ once you open your Mailchimp account. Click on
it to begin setting up.

Step Two: You will then be able to see a button on the top which say ‘Create Automation
Workflow’. Click on that to continue.

Step Three: You have to select which mailing list you want to use the Autoresponder feature on
using a drop down menu.

Step Four: You will then have to choose an appropriate Workflow from a list. There will be several options like Welcome Message, One-time event etc. You can choose either the Educate Subscribers option or the Custom option. A custom option is the one used the most as these are the ones which can be used with a trigger. A trigger is what causes the mail to be sent when the related option is selected.

Step Five: You then have to give your Auto responder a name that will be easy for you to
identify and remember.

Step Six: You can then select a trigger which will cause the email to send to that list. For
example, if you select the trigger ‘when people subscribe your list’, a welcome mail will automatically go to the people as and when they subscribe. You have to be sure that a valid starting date has been selected in the options.
The next step would be to create the content that you want your viewers to receive when the trigger is activated. The design that you create should be attractive and easy to read and should engage your subscribers. It should tempt them to visit your website or business again and maybe even recommend it.
Once you have finished all the above steps and are satisfied with the design and content of your email, you can select the option to ‘Start Workflow’.

Step Seven: The next step would be to ask a friend or colleague to check the auto responder service to make sure that everything is working smoothly. If you find any problems, recheck all the setting to make sure that the correct options are selected. You do not want your subscribers to face an issue while subscribing to you. Do a few dry runs to ensure that everything is in the correct working order.

Step Eight: You can increase your business and greatly improve your customer service with the MailChimp Autoresponder. You can welcome new subscribers to your website, blog, online magazine or newsletter. You can inform your buyers about monthly deals and discounts. Or, you can give out discount coupons after a purchase to get repeat customers. You can also ask for feedback from your users and improve your business on the basis of that. If correctly used, this service can prove to be worth its cost many times over.

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