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How to Target Audience on Facebook

How to Target Audience on Facebook through Audience Insight

Facebook is not only used as a social media website but it’s also a huge platform for entrepreneurs when it comes to advertising. This could be seen as both a boon and a ban. Facebook has over 1.6 billion users. Hence capturing the right kind of audience for your site could be quite a task if you aren’t aware of the tools Facebook provides for you.

This article is written keeping in mind first time advertisers on Facebook. It aims at helping you target the audience that you’re looking for.

Firstly it should be noted that you must have an account of your own on Facebook. With this you should also have a page that you would like to create an ad for.

Preliminary steps before targeting the right audience

  • Create a page

Creating a page is basic and is available in the drop down sign right next to your account name.

How to Target Audience on Facebook


  • Create campaign and ads.

Once your page is created it is optional to create a campaign. This basically helps you boost the traffic for certain posts or advertisements that you put up on your page. If you don’t find this to be necessary you can jump straight to creating an ad. In the same drop down menu you will find an option to ‘create ads’.

How to Target Audience on Facebook

Once you click on the page you have created an ad for, you will be given a list of options out of which manage adverts is one. Which will lead you to an option called ‘audience insights’. Once you click on that, you’d have to choose the kind of audience you want, either “A Custom Audience” or “Everybody on Facebook”, or just the “People connected to your page”. For now let’s talk about everybody on Facebook.

How to Target Audience on Facebook

How to target your audience.

  1. Location.

This is the first thing you need to choose and also a crucial one. Make sure not aim too high that you may lose the right audience. For example, if you want to advertise a particular product that you think has an audience only in your city or neighborhood, then you could specify this along with the name of your country.

How to Target Audience on Facebook

  1. Interest.

Mentioning your interests is a must because it helps you reach out to people who are in sync with you. Suppose you are a realtor trying to advertise condos, who will be your choice of interest?  College students or PG students could be one of them. If you want only male lodgers between the aged of 18-24, this could also be specified.  How?

Well, Facebook has something called demographics where it’ll show you the percentage of males and females that could be your audience with their respective age groups in the form of a chart.

Based on this you can also choose the age that you would want to target and even specify the gender if you want to do so.

How to Target Audience on Facebook

  1. Behavior

This option takes you one step deeper into your target audience. Facebook collects information based their users’ daily activities. It contains a number of topics which come along with sub topic based on the users’ activities. For example if you’re page is about an NGO for animals then you’d have to say charitable donations, you’d then get sub topics out of which animal welfare would be one. This you could target that group of people as they’d be interested in your NGO for animals.

  1. Relationship status.

The demographic chart shown by Facebook will also give you the number of people in each relationship status who are interested in your given interest. Based on this you can check the box you think will make a good audience.  It’s also possible to choose your preferred group in this portion before everything. Take for example again if you are a realtor and you want to sell any group to tick off as they would be extending their family. Also if you are promoting travel packages the again someone who is engaged would be up for it as part of their honeymoon plans.

On the same page next to the tab of demographics you will see an option called page likes, this helps you view the number of likes each page which is in context with your interest has. Affinity shows the kind of audience you will be dealing with.

How to Target Audience on Facebook

But this is not enough to be sure of your target audience, because most of the time they are not pages that are completely about your interests but instead just have an article or so about it. Thus it’s important to check before you proceed. If in case it is a legit page that you want to make your interest then you would have to check if it exists on Facebook or not. For this simply type in the name in the interests’ box and if it exists then the page will automatically show up.

Here is a tool called social interest freak, which will help you to target facebook audience faster.

social interest freak

To know if you are targeting the right audience or not.

There are few websites and tools that can help you with this.

  1. Google Adwords

It’s one of the tools that Google offers making it easy to see the forecast of the page or site that you’d want to target. Once you go to this site,

One of the options on the tab above says ‘tools’ click on it and you’ll get a drop down menu from which you need to choose the option “display planner.”After this click the option which says ‘finds new targeting ideas,’.  a page will open with a box where you can enter the keyword related to your page. You’d then click on get placement ideas; this gives you a list of websites that could be your target choice. It’s important to check again if these websites are solely about your interests or not. After doing so you can go back to your Facebook page and type the websites name in the interests box to see if they have a Facebook page or not.  You’d thus be surer about the extent to which you could target your preferred audience. You can also be sure that you’re targeting the right audience.

  1. Buzzsumo.com stats of social media pages

This is a site that gives you a statistics of any content on any website of your specific keyword what you search for. It gives you an idea for each of the specific URL and how much social share it has got in facebook, twitter, linkedin, pinterest and google+.  You’d need to enter the topic or again the keyword in the search box. This will provide you with a list of articles with number shares for each of these social media website, but they could be articles on a website that contain the keyword you’ve given. Once you find a site that is solely about your topic you can check the number of people viewing this site. There are columns of popular social media sites with the number of people viewing this page on these sites. Based on this you can have an estimate about the kind of audience that you would be able to target.

  1. Semrush.com search engine tool which tells me more about my website

This is more of a search engine tool which tells you more about the website that you are looking to target.  Once you go on the site and enter the keyword in the search box, it gives you an overview of what you are looking for. You can either search for a website or type in the website and see the kind of traffic it’s getting, how are its organic research results etc. this is more of a technical based site, and if you need a better understanding through numbers this would be helpful.

  1. Amazon

Amazon, as we know is an online shopping website. This is mainly helpful when you are trying to advertise particular products. What you could do is type in the keyword, for example, hair dye. You’ll now get a number of products along with their brands; the rating of stars will give you an idea of customer satisfaction. After this, you can check if that particular brand has a page on Facebook that you could target and add that to your lists of interests.

If you think you need more assistance Facebook has a blueprint program that lets you take a course regarding this subject here is the link : https://m.facebook.com/blueprint

5. Social Interest Freak

You all know that technology is getting advanced day by day and many things were not possible in the past which are now possible with the great tools, advanced technology, and techniques. Social Interest Freak is among the tools which are considered revolutionary tools. This provides you the facilities which were not provided in the past. It is a Facebook targeting tool which is a great facility to the small business persons. The first question which arises in your mind is that what benefits this tool gives you. The answer is very simple.

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