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How to Use Power Editor in the Best Way

How to use power editor to take the benefit of Facebook advertisement?

In this article, I am going to put down my knowledge about Facebook power editor in terms of its benefits an advertiser can get by using it and how it can be used in the best way to optimize the ads.  Before I get into the technicality of power editor, let us discuss what exactly the power editor is?

What is Power Editor?

We can say power editor is the advanced version of advert manager and has advanced features to understand the current ad performance and optimize future ads based on the performance parameters you see in power editor for currently running ads.

Advert manager has certain limitation but whereas through power editor an advertiser can do lot of decision making for his ongoing advertisement which would not be possible through adverts manager.

Facebook provides you with these two different tools for advertising, power editor and adverts manager. They both contain similar purpose but function in different ways. Power editor you can say gives you an idea about how your advertisement is doing based on the number you see.

How do you get to power editor?

This is the same way that you do, for Adverts manager. You click on the drop down menu next to your account name. You then click on manage adverts, it takes you to another page where you find power editor as an option. Power editor is a tool which is used to keep a create advertisements and keep a track of your advertisements.

Once you choose the power editor option it takes you to a page where you can either choose an already existing campaign or you can create a new one. If you have already created a campaign, it’ll be shown in the chart below.

What do you need to check here?

Click on it for a complete analysis as to how your ad is doing. Once you click on it, it’ll take you to the next page where you have the name of your campaign, the status of it, that is whether it’s active or not. The next column you see is delivery, which tells you if it’s delivering the kind of results you want or if it’s inactive.

After this it says results; it gives you the number of conversions you’ve got through your ad. The next one gives you the cost for the number of conversions you’ve made. That is if you’ve made any.

Next column says reach: it basically gives you the number of unique audience that your ad has reached out to.

Impressions: this is the audience that your advertisement has been shown to them, it could be multiple times and would be considered as that many number of impressions. For example, one particular ad is shown to one person and the same ad is shared by one of his friend and the same ad is visible this person again then this will be considered as two impressions.

Clicks: Followed by the number of clicks you got for the advertisement. That is the number of people who were interested and looked into your advertisement.

Avg. CPM: The next column says Avg.CPM (cost per 1000 impression), this is the cost of 1000 impressions that your ad made or how much it cost for each impression.

Avg.CPC: (cost per click) this is the average cost that you paid for each click you got.  CTR% is the rate of cost per impression ad cost per click multiplied by 100.

How to use power editor in the best way?

Power editor in many senses is for a mass ad platform. It encompasses every feature or tool that would help any sort of advertiser on Facebook. Be it a person who has just started advertising with a new business or for a person with a well-established business. By seeing the clicks you get for a campaign or the kind of engagement you get helps you understand where your business stands. This gives you an idea of the acceptance that you are getting on social media as well. In this way you can see which kind of campaign would work, to give you a better reach.

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