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How To Capture Subscribers To Autoresponder?

Integrate Landing Page to AutoresponderHow To Capture Subscribers to Autoresponder?

In my previous blog, I had described how you can make the basic setup of Aweber as an autoresponder to send emails on scheduled period through “Legacy Follow Up Series”.

If you have reached here directly to this article and you are totally new to the world of autoresponder, I would suggest you check my other article and then come back here to continue reading over.

Let me be considerate and repeat the short and very basic information about autoresponders here. Autoresponders are the systems built to make the email marketer’s life easier through its feature of sending the emails automatically on the scheduled day and time as per your defined parameters.

Now that we know autoresponders are the systems for auto email management, but there is certain components integration required for capturing your visitor’s email details and converting them your subscribers through web pages those are to be known as a squeeze page or landing page.

Before I get into the landing page creation and integration of Aweber for email capture, I would start with the steps those are required for the integration.

I assume that you already have the Aweber account if at all not yet registered for free 30-day trial you can just register to play around and understand the tool.

Once you login to the Aweber system, just follow through the below steps.

Step 1: Find the link “Sign up Forms” on the top bar and click on it. Shown on below image

aweber email autoresponder

Step 2: Now you will be presented with a page that will have “Create Sign Up Form” button, just click on that.

sign up form creationStep 3: On this page, you will have to go through steps as Design, Settings and then Publish. As you might be having your landing page hosted in an external web hosting place, now you just have to click on the “Go To Step2” button at the bottom of the page.

On the Settings page, give a name to your form. If you want the subscribers to get redirected to a thank you page after submission of a form, you need to select “custom page” from “Thank You Page” drop down.

Though it has other configurations to be considered to set up now. But I would not say you to do anything at this point, but just to go ahead and click “Go To Step3”.

Step 4: In this page, you will see the first option as “I Will Install My Form”. Just click on it and copy the snippet code from the box area and paste into your external landing page form.

Here the interesting part comes into the picture and that is your squeeze or landing page. Let me put down here few names of different landing page software and systems.

Leadpages.net: This is one of the most widely used landing page creator, through which you can create landing pages from their existing templates. But the negative part of it is the monthly or the annual payment.

InstaBuilder: This is a WordPress plugin, which you can purchase with onetime payment. The advantage is, there would not be any monthly or annual payment required.

ProfitBuilder: Here you go with another name of WordPress plugin which you can integrate to your blogging site if you have one. If not, let me take that responsibility of explaining you the process that would be required for doing this landing page setup. Just go over here.

This one I personally use as my landing page creator.

If you want me doing the setup for you, just fill in this form. I would be happy to help you.

As I am using ProfitBuilder, let me describe the step that you would be using for creating landing page and integrating the snippet code of Aweber form.

The procedure would be almost similar with any of the autoresponder and the landing page, you probably have to find the place from where you can get the code copied from autoresponder and paste that into the appropriate place in landing page for integration.

So understanding one autoresponder tool and landing page creator would be enough for you start with.

Let me pen down the steps for integration.

You are in the situation of having the snippet code created and copied from Aweber “Sign Up Forms”

profit builders landing page creator
This is one of my landing page created for capturing the email address of subscribers by giving away this free eBook that reveals steps to make $25k monthly through email marketing. This page is created through ProfitBuilder. If you see this page, you notice a button “Yes, I Want This eBook” button and on editing this area you will get a box on the right side as shown in above image. Just paste the code here and click the update to get the page saved.

Now enjoy getting your subscriber added to your list automatically when he submits this form and subsequently the emails are sent automatically to him as per your defined days from his subscription day.  This way you capture subscribers to Autoresponder.

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