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Learn About YouTube Video Marketing Advertisement

Youtube Advertisement

One person out of every 3 people who has access to the internet ends up watching something on Youtube everyday – that’s over one billion people viewing videos on the popular video sharing website each day! If you are running a company and are looking at ways to increase your online presence and draw people’s attention to your products or services, learning how to harness the power of video marketing with YouTube advertisement platforms is going to be to your advantage.

What is video marketing?

Perhaps you are new to online marketing and are not quite sure what video marketing is, let alone Youtube video marketing advertisement? Don’t worry that’s what I am here to explain.

Video advertising or video marketing is simply the activity of advertising one’s products or services on internet television. In much the same way as ads appear on television during the TV breaks, so too is the concept of online video advertising, particularly on Youtube.

How does video advertising work on Youtube?

As the largest video sharing platform in the world and the third most visited website (after Facebook and Google) Youtube relies on these facts to promote marketing packages to people running their businesses online. You will have the opportunity to have your company ads displayed before, after, or during a video stream. Of course your ads have to be short and straight to the point. Online ads are as a rule of them generally shorter than their TV compatriots.

At this point you might be asking yourself what the big deal is anyway. Why do you need to learn about Youtube video marketing advertisement? Well, the long and short of the answer is that as a company you cannot afford to miss out on a platform as massive as Youtube. You cannot afford to ignore the potential customers who will see your ads online. If you want your services and products to be relevant and easily accessible to more people you just have to increase your visibility and invest time and money into online advertising and marketing.

Benefits of employing Video Marketing for Youtube Advertisement

If at this point you are still doubting and questioning whether you should enroll yourself into Youtube’s video marketing advertisements, then consider the following statistics:

  1. Youtube will allow you to reach a wider audience with your products than via traditional marketing means – more than 1 billion monthly visitors at the website with more than 80 % of these viewers watching from outside America.
  2. Youtube allows you to leverage other people’s videos by giving you the chance to place your ads on their videos
  3. Youtube’s reach in America alone is more than for any cable network
  4. Your ads can be shared by people who like your videos – that’s free marketing at no extra cost to you!
  5. Affordability: this one is hands down one of the more important reasons to invest in Youtube online marketing. Youtube affords you opportunities to market yourself and your products/services at a fraction of the price you would pay for traditional TV advertising. This is especially good if you are a company working with a modest marketing budget.

In this cut throat online world you cannot afford to slacken. Keep yourself in the game and ahead of your competition by learning more about Youtube video marketing advertisement.

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