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Learn the Basics of Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing encompasses the ads that can be appeared on the smartphones, tablets as well as other mobile devices.  This is an effective marketing strategy that makes one to send the promotional message to the mobile devices. Promotion can be done in various forms on the mobile devices like SMS text, email supporting mobile device or by advertisement.

Key elements of mobile marketing

  • Compatibility of Mobile websites

With massive people using phones, has generated the needs of the websites that are compatible to the mobile phones. Looking to the requirement, most of the companies are turning their business to the mobile website. Even, SEO ranking of the website also gets affected, if the website is not mobile friendly. The site, which doesn’t have mobile compatibility in their website, will get the negative impact to the desktop running website. To develop mobile website, one has to consider several factors like the screen of the mobile, the font size and the loading time taken by the device.

  • SMS

Short messaging service is an essential tool to make one do promotional kind of things on the mobile device. According to the survey, most of the SMSs are opened and read within three minutes of receiving the message. As mobile is a handy device, which is owned by most of the people, makes it more popular to use in the mobile marketing strategy. Ninety percent of the message received on the mobile are opened and read, this makes people know about the product or the services. Most of the store informs their customer about new offers, discount or new launch of any product in their store and they succeed in their strategy as the store receive the good amount of crowd.

  • Mobile apps

Looking for the scenario of the market, where marketing heading towards the demand of more and more smart phones, has generated the needs of mobile apps. In the category of mobile application, the most popular form is games. With the rapid growth in mobile application, the mobile advertisement has become an effective tool for a marketer to reach out to the desired audience. Most of the companies or brands take the help of mobile application to reach out to the potential customer. Even, most of the companies are shutting down their desktop website and moving on to the mobile application to run their business. All-in-all, this is a good medium to reach out to the desired people.

  • Mobile advertisement

Mobile advertisements are those ads which come on the mobile applications. For instance, when you open any application, mobile ads appear either on the bottom of the screen or at the center of the screen. Among other category of the mobile marketing, this sector has covered forty percent of the mobile marketing. There are various version of mobile marketing that you can use in mobile marketing. Like, standard banner, interstitial, adds that are user based, location based, natives ads, hyper local ads and full screen ads. The application push messages are sent with the help of app installed in the user’s mobile.

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