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List your website on Google

It is highly important to list your website on major search engines because it provide easy and the most attractive way to target your desired audience. You can get the free and targeted traffic of your site by indexing your website on google.

Unique content

A website must have great and relevant content with the topic, which has the ability to attract users. The large number of quality content can make your website to meet with unique visitors. It is very important that your website has no broken links.

  • Keyword

Optimize your site for the keyword which is mainly related to your website content. The main keyword should be used for each page in the file name, in the heading of the page, meta description and you can also use keyword in the first sentence of the page or you at the beginning of the first sentence to get your website on google.

  • Sitemap

The site map is the formatted file with the XML extension. It has the URL of all the pages that your website have. To generate site map file, you can make use of offline as well as online tools. After mapping sitemap file, you should upload a file to the root directory of your website.

  • Support of webmaster

Now, it is the time to take help of Google Webmaster support. To acquire the support of the Google webmaster, you need to make the account and after that you can proceed with further steps. In the add site column, which is present at the top of the Google sitemap page, type down the full URL of the website and then click ok. Click on “add site map” which is present in the right side of the website name. Type down the full sitemap URL and then, click to add button. After making proper submission wait for two to three days. After three days, type downs your website name in the Google search box and if its shows result then it means that you have successfully registered your website on google.

Tips to make your page on Google

  • Make use of maximum text. The search spiders doesn’t consider the looks of the image, they search for the words. It is essential to make use of key phrases.
  • You can also submit your website on various search engines. Although, different search engines follow different criteria to do.
  • Put “doctype “tag at the top of the source code on each page of your website.
  • When you make any changes to a website, it will be enough good to do resubmitting of the website on the Google. This will help Google to know about the changes that you have made.
  • Once your website is indexed in the Google, you need to improve your website rank. This can be achieved by increase the number of websites that are the link to your site.
  • Use specific words in your website rather than using broad one.

The Google Sitemap has a number of statistics for your website. These statistics can be used to reach in the crowd of the people. It is highly useful in improving website content.

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