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Review of Mobimatic – A Cloud Application to Build Mobile App

Review of MobiMatic – A Cloud Application to Build Mobile App

Review of Mobimatic

I just want to talk about the current mobile app market and its growth since few years before I start reviewing this product Mobimatic. According to market research done by App Annie, by 2020 mobile app economy could be in size of $101 billion as the chart shows. The number of app downloads and overall growth of the industry has been tremendous since few years.


review of mobimaticAbove: Overall growth for the app economy.
Image Credit: App Annie

What does this mean?

This means the opportunity for anybody to build a lucrative business around the mobile app and take the advantage of this app economy growth. As per the below picture from Yahoo Flurry analytics. 90 percent time is spent by a person is on the mobile app. So the statistics pretty much indicates the opportunity.

review of mobimatic

How can somebody grab this opportunity?

I know you must be thinking that can I really build a mobile app? I would say yes if you have a tool which can help you building the mobile app. If you think of the period when there was no CMS platform like WordPress or Joomla, it was literally not possible for a non-techie to build a website. But if you see now, anybody can build a blog website with WordPress and person does not really need to have the technical skill.

Mobimatic is a cloud-based platform that helps in building many different mobile apps. So grab the opportunity.

WAIT, let me now talk about the review of Mobimatic and cover the points.

What is this application and How is it Built?

This is a cloud-based mobile app builder, which allows to build different kind of native Android and IOS mobile apps by just drag and drop in few minutes without any technical or coding skill.

What kind of application can be built with Mobimatic?

I can really go on writing the details about features of mobimatic, rather prepared an infographics for better visual understanding. Read out the information what I have mentioned carefully to understand what all kind of application can be built with this cloud-based software Mobimatic.

Review of Mobimatic

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