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The Importance of Mobile Marketing in 2016

The age for mobile marketing is right here and right now! In a short time, smart phones have become so essential in our lives that our day starts and ends with a check on our phone. Smart phones have become the only platform where personal, professional, social life co-exist and this factor has made them indispensable in our lives like nothing has been before. Every day people spend large amounts of money to buy their own convenient gadget. And with markets flooding with numerous options to attract people, the importance of mobile marketing in 2016 becomes a necessity for any start-up or even well established companies who wish to increase their customers. So, for skeptics here it is as to why mobile marketing is important now, more than ever.

  1. Mobile phones are gadgets that remain with customers 24/7. Apparently a staggering 79% of people have their smart phones on or near them for the major part of the day. Marketing teams have entered the era where they can reach their customers anytime and any day. The same thing is expected by the customers too. So, marketing helps you reach your customers efficiently and frequently which is one the most important factor that comes under customer satisfaction.

  2. Mobile commerce is on the rise and it is no news as to why that is so. Shopping and e-commerce which used to be a desktop activity till some time ago, has now become a mobile activity. More and more people are taking a like to shopping on the go and this trend is only going to increase. Not only that, some other interesting trends that can now be seen emerging are shopping options on popular websites such as Instagram, Google and Pinterest.

  3. Even while shopping in stores people don’t stop looking at their mobiles. That’s right. Even while in store, a majority of people tend to compare prices on their smart phones to know products and prices better and then make the purchase accordingly. For this, retailers need to come up with ideas that help smart phones integrate with their in-store experience hence, making marketing very important.

  4. Evolution of SMS marketing is yet another process that has already gripped customers worldwide. Majority of customers tend to check their phone within minutes of a message beep. That is to say if you advertise by message marketing, you are sure to attract a large number of customers.

  5. Furthermore, companies which advertise user friendly websites are more probable to have a lot of customers than companies that don’t. Reason being, you need to have a user friendly interface that is easy to load on mobile else you won’t get as many customers. As simple as that.

  6. Just like printouts and television advertising has become old, so will desktop advertising. The new and ongoing trend it mobile advertising and those who can catch up on this and act effectively are bound to benefit from it.

With mobiles phones becoming convenient than ever, it is also allowing retailers to connect to their customers at a more personal level by sharing stories about themselves and most importantly connect with customers. So, start by making mobile marketing an intrinsic strategy so that you can connect better with the customers and interact with them more easily and effectively.

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