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Top 3 Seo Link Building Strategies

What is seo link building?

Links have been used since time began online to measure and gauge the popularity and rank of a website. Search engines make use of links to help place and rank websites on their search engine results pages (SERPs). This is why seo link building is such a crucial concept to grasp and understand.

Seo link building is the art of increasing the number of links that come and connect themselves to your website. Link building like all the fine things online take time to develop and you will discover that no two seo link building campaigns are the same.

There are three main ways in which links can be generated and we are going to take a look at each of those three ways below.

1.     Organic Editorial Links

As you build your website you want to make sure that you follow and link your site to other reputable and authoritative websites. In return these websites can in turn also link to your site if they deem your site to be credible as well. This is a relational and organic way to go about seo link building. What you need to do to encourage other websites to link to your website is to make sure that you have great material on your site. Keep writing awesome content. Who doesn’t want to be associated with a great website?

2.     Hands on Links Building

One way that most services offering professional seo link building prefer to use is that of manual link building. Basically what is involved in manual link building is reaching out to a targeted audience of bloggers, directories and other sites to encourage a partnership relationship. To put it simply you are marketing yourself to all these bloggers and asking for links. The advantage of this manual approach to link building is that it encourages and fosters a long-term relationship that benefits both parties involved.

3.     Self-Generated Links

In general if you attempt to carry out an seo link building campaign by getting visitors to your site to create links based on blog comments and their user profiles, you might be treading on thin ice as this kind of link building has in recent years been frowned upon and looked down upon by search engines. In fact these kinds of links are now being associated with spam. Failure to be careful about how you proceed with this kind of link building can get you into serious trouble with search engines if not pursued with care.


In order to obtain the best results for your seo link building campaign it is important to remember and note that this marketing endeavour like all other marketing campaigns must have goals and objectives. You must have a clear strategy for your campaign. The three strategies outlined above will give you a head start for your campaign. In conclusion, remember that patience and perseverance are part and parcel of the journey to building a great campaign.

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