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Top 4 Social Media Guidelines from Successful Companies

The advent of social media heralded a new era in the life of businesses. Any business that wants to keep its competitive edge and reach more customers needs to have an online presence. Social media guidelines aid the company in planning and setting a strategy for their own online campaign; outlines the course of action in emergency situations as well as dictating what employees can and cannot post about their work place.

Fortunately for you, you don’t have to crack your head trying to think of suitable social media guidelines that you can employ in your own business or corporation that will help protect you and your business online. We have done all the hard work for you and now present to you the best social media guidelines that successful companies use as part of their own guidelines.

4. Have a Social Media Manager and Team!

It seems a bit obvious but having a good social media manager and team to watch over this very crucial part of a business can never be undermined. The renowned fashion brand GAP show us just how important having such a team is in their social media guidelines brochures that they handed out to employees when they said, ‘If you mess up? Correct it immediately and contact the social media team if it’s a real doozy and you can’t fix it.’

3. Employees must be warned against sharing any privileged information on social media

Employees need to be warned against sharing any privileged information on social media sites. Such information includes financial information, legal issues, company strategies, sales information, and also discussing clients. American electronics company Best Buy and global sporting corporation Adidas; have included this as part of their social media guidelines because shared privileged information about them online can lead to a lot of damage.

2. In order to avoid any copyright infringements employees need to be aware of what they post

At times employees may feel like they are being restricted somewhat in what they can or cannot post online. However companies have to do this if they want to protect themselves from any issues online. One of the biggest issues that companies worry about is the possible infringement of copyright by their employees. What appears to be a small insignificant matter could result in a costly lawsuit that is unnecessary. Hence including this point in the social media guidelines of their company has been important to Adidas.

1. Employees must post with integrity and post only genuine matters

This guideline is in the social media guidelines of the Los Angeles Times and dictates to employees what kind of content they are allowed to post. Employees are encouraged to verify their sources and the authenticity of all their sources and work before publicizing claims and news worthy articles to the world. This helps the company save face and also helps decrease the potential damage that can happen when an employee of a respectable company propagates a false and inauthentic story.

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