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Become a blogger for OMDemy.com

OMDemy.com gives the opportunity to try your hand on getting an article up in this website so as to get it visible in million internet marketers and readers eyes who share the same passion and interests on online marketing and technologies relating to it. We welcome talented bloggers who is passionate on  internet marketing and would like to share his experience and ideas.

Why should you become blogger of OMDemy.com?

·       Build your credibility as an expert of internet marketing.

·       Leverage an established platform in which you can share your experiences

But to bear in mind, we have certain guideline to consider your article or blog for publication.

-Please describe an introduction, a body and a conclusion.

-To best of our reader’s interest, we do not accept duplicate content and plagiarism: The content will not be approved for publication if the articles or topics are copied from other sites and same apply for the pictures. On the other hand -we do accept the threads and articles  that have been formulated your own way, but we will priorities the new original, unpublished.

-Ensure that it is between 400 to 1000 words Or reasonable numbers of words and should be related  to the Topics as per the Site About us page.

-Do not accept threads/topics or articles  that have been touched upon previously in the blog

-Do not accept subjects of thinness in the expression or misspelled in the language, to put it simple the language should me correct and free of mistakes.

-No messages can be self-promotional or include marketing links

-Only Correct information/news should be included , no false info allowed

-Personal Experiences and Reviews about Dubai are welcome provided it exceeds 500 words

If you are interested in being a OMDemy blogger contact us on blogger@omdemy.com or

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